Virtual demonstrator ARI CeBIT 2015

In 2015, bitflare was again commissioned by one of the world’s leading companies for documents and devices for secure identification to create an interactive exhibit for the CeBIT that year. This time, Augmented Reality Inspection (ARI) was the topic.

Our task was to develop a virtual futuristic factory within which a robot-based product check could be triggered by means of operating instructions issued on the stand. The entire stand was built around a fictitious fuel-cell production, so we were also producing Fuel Cells in our virtual factory.

The entire exhibit was designed like a window into the production, so there was no camera animation. For the background we created a production line with models, whose design was based on current industrial robots. The transport system of the Fuel Cells is similarly found in engine manufacture. This production line was constantly in motion and provided an interesting background action.

In the foreground we placed a collaborative, dual arm assembly robot that performed the user-initiated product check. We designed this robot from scratch and modeled it with an extremely high level of detail, making it one of the highlights of this exhibit.

bitflare produced a number of different idle clips for this demonstrator, with only the production line in the background active and a main clip, where the dual arm assembly robot performed the product check, all in 4K Ultra HD.