Leica Camera AG – Photokina 2012 Ur-LEICA

In 2012 Leica Camera AG commissioned us to create a 3D model of the so-called Ur-LEICA (“original LEICA”), which was presented as a hologram on a REALEYES 3D+ display at the Photokina of the same year.


The Ur-LEICA, or 0 series, is the only surviving specimen of a 1914 prototype of a novel photocamera for 35 mm perforated cinema raw film, designed by Oskar Barnack, the then director of film camera development at Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH. The presentation of the original camera at the Leica Camera AG stand was out of the question because of its value. In order to be able to present a plastic and life-like image of the camera to the trade fair visitors, the three-dimensional display on a REALEYES 3D+ display was chosen.

In addition to the Ur-LEICA, Leica Camera AG presented the LEICA M series as a hologram at the 2012 Photokina, for which we also created the 3D model and produced the motif. The project can be found here.


Client: Leica Camera AG  Creative Lead: Florian Sell  Producer: Florian Sell  CG Lead: Sven Klimm  CG Artists: Florian Sell, Sarawut Nakpee  Postproduction: Florian Sell