Ferrero MSC GmbH & Co. KG – Joghurt-Schnitte 2016

Ferrero approached us to create a variation of their main motif for the ongoing campaign for Joghurt-Schnitte as a one-shot 3D Scene that they wanted to display as a hologram on a REALEYES 3D+ display.


The display technology does not allow the image to be subjected to a postproduction process, so the scene had to be created as a whole and the image had to be produced in one shot, including all neccessary colour corrections to match the look of the other campaign images, using only shading and lighting.


Client: Ferrero MSC GmbH & Co. KG     Creative Lead: Erik Bierbaum     Producer: Florian Sell     CG Lead: Sarawut Nakpee     CG Artists: Florian Sell     Postproduction: Florian Sell