Virtual Demonstrator Industry 4.0 CeBIT 2014

bitflare was commissioned by one of the global leaders in ID-authentication to produce an exhibit for the CeBIT trade fair in Hannover, Germany that simulates a virtual industry 4.0 production environment, including interactive controls for the users.


Inspired by actual industrial robots, we designed an autonomous multidisciplinary production unit for a business ID tag and produced it as an animated 3D model. For the exhibit we combined two screens: one was a virtual window into the production facility, while the other one showed a touch interface which gave You control over the whole unit.


Visitors were invited to chose from a variety of features to configure their own personal ID tag card. Upon confirmation, the machine started to (virtually) produce Your card with You watching as it happened.


Client: undisclosed     Creative Lead: Florian Sell     Producer: Florian Sell     Design: Florian Sell, Sarawut Nakpee    CG Lead: Sarawut Nakpee     CG Artists: Peter Mangel, Christian Gnodke      Postproduction: Florian Sell     Software Engineer: Alexander Thieme